Thursday, 3 May 2012

Autumn tree

It is officially autumn here. While people back home are writing about the excitement of a spring, we want to enjoy this beautiful autumn and share it with you!

We wanted to get something autumny into this house, so Emma made a lovely art work for us (with a very little help from me). All i did was paint the tree trunks and she did the rest. Now I was amazed how well she knew what to do with the sponge, she never tried to paint with it! We used a transparent A4 sheet so it looks great on a window.

But it was too fancy to be on a window, I wanted to frame it. Here IKEA frame (the cheapest ones) worked like magic. I need to get more of these picture frames since after this I already have a few ideas for them. Now I don't really know where to put it since we haven't nailed anything on the walls yet.

Here's the little artist with her art work. Note that she's not even 2 years yet and try to ignore the flash.. She insisted on me taking a photo of her and the art before bed time. What a proud little girl and what a proud mummy I am too!


  1. what a clever idea- to paint on the plastic! your little girl looks so proud of herself :)

  2. Hieno maalaus. Kyllä taitelijan pitää tuollaisen teoksen kanssa päästäkin ylpeänä kuvaan.

  3. How cute. She does looked very pleased with herself. I love those proud mummy moments!


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