Friday, 11 May 2012

It's all because of autumn

Autumn makes me get my camera out and wander outside. I love the colours, I love how warm the sun feels on my skin. So I took a tour around our yard and had a look what the autumn looks around here. Tomato plant is still trying to grow it's tomatos and two snow pea shoots are reaching out for the sun. Also our very small apple tree surprised us this year by growing a few big apples in it. And I was already thinking of pulling it out, shame on me.

I don't understand how such a small tree can do that. But then again it is the small ones that always surprise us, whether it's the small seed that still keeps growing even though it's turned freezing cold or the small tree that you thought to take out because you thought it couldn't produce anything or the small child who sees all the ants going about and hears all the birds singing in the trees. I am amazed and I love it.

 Oh how deep, I know. It's all because of autumn. What can I say, I love autumn!

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