Monday, 23 May 2011

I can't keep up

I love reading other blogs and I love the tutorials and instructions people write there. So as you might have noticed I have lately tried to do some of those things that I've seen. And why not give credit to the awesome people who make these tutorials. They are fantastic.

The latest thing I've done is these little shoes for Emma. She hasn't had any shoes yet so I thought I'd make one. You can find the tutorial here. The instructions are for 0-6 months old so I made just a touch bigger and now they are a bit too big for Emma (I think and hope she has my feet). And guess if I was able to take a good shot of her with them on. This little monkey (as I am now calling her) is so quick and always on the move that it's impossible to keep up. No wonder her head is full of bruises. But you gotta love her.

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