Wednesday, 11 May 2011

feeling uplifted


For the last few days I have...

...watched my little girl play by herself and then moving to the next spot and continue playing.

...faced towards the sun and enjoying the warmth on my face.

...thought the meaning of family and my role as a mother.

...written a letter to my grandmum.

...practiced playing the piano which is not going too good, might get someone to actually teach me.

...sewn a skirt for myself and taught others to sew that same skirt.

...laughed with friends for big hips and broken sewing machines, just having the positive attitude in doing and being.

...hoping and wishing to read a book sometime soon, I long for a book.

...listed my goals for myself only to notice that it's a list of my wishes for my daughter. 

What have you done over the last few days?

And lastly this song has touched me and if I could write a lullaby for my baby girl, this would be it (though I'd change the "boy" to "girl").

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  1. Voih! Olipa koskettava ja ihana blogilähetys. Mä oon jotenkin herkällä päällä, joten meinaa itku tulla. Ja ihana biisi. Täällä on Merja KESÄ! Aivan ihana ilma ollut jo viikonlopusta lähtien. Miss you loads!


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