Thursday, 5 May 2011

Books, rhymes, picnics - that's what our family is made of

So I promised some to show some of the scrapbooking pages I made during the Easter. I'm still trying to figure out my style so these are pretty simple, but I'm learning to take some risks.

I'm loving stamps and rub-ons at the moment (which you can probably see). I've also gotten a lot of papers from my friends and I'm trying to use them up before I go ahead buying new ones. (Also thank you Suvi for the flowers!) And I was having some problems taking the pictures (we don't have a scanner so I have to take pictures of the pages), so the darker area on every page is just a shadow from my camera.

Yes all of them are for Emma and I can tell you know that most of the ones I'm gonna make in the future are for Emma too. I want her to be able to look back, see and read of the things she's done and what kind of person she's been when she was little.

Oh and yes we did spend May day or Vappu in Finnish. And yes I made sima (a finnish drink that you drink on the first day of May, it's basically lemon and sugar) and yes I made munkki (a bit like donut and you eat it on the first day of May too). We went for a picnic in the park and enjoyed our time.

Hope you all you Finns had a great vappu!

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