Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Urban turban // TUTORIAL

There is no better way to start a new year than by making something really chic for yourself! Hence I started my new year by making a very cool urban turban. I saw the idea somewhere in the internet on a Finnish site that I can't find anymore (if anyone knows where the instructions are, please let me know, so I can give the credit to who it belongs). So it is not my idea, but I will share you the instructions, the original was in Finnish anyway.

Super easy, very quick too and I think it looks darn cute. And the best part, you DON'T need a sewing machine!

1. Cut two pieces out of strechy material. First one will make the turban, second piece will be the rose on it. First measure your head circumference and half that. Fold your strechy material to that measurement. Then measure about 35-40cm up the piece. Start cutting straight up the piece and about half way start curving as in the picture.

The piece that makes the rose can be as long as you want. The longer your piece, the bigger your rose. Mine was about 35cm. Again fold the fabric in half and start cutting so that you are making more narrow all the way to the end. I started at about 8cm and when I finished the width was about 4cm.

2. Make foldings to your turban and hold them down with pins. Notice how I've turned the bottom and left few cm unfolded.

 3. Then take some thread and a needle and sew the foldings. Super easy, just go up and down with yout needle.

 4. Pull so that it gets a bit tighter. You can take the needles out now.

 5. Sew the straight part together at the front. I did all this by hand! Now all you have left is the rose!

6. Take your rose piece and start from the narrow end, sewing the two pieces together, again just up and down with your needle.

7. Pull it tight and you have yourself a rose! You can sew a bit at the bottom so it holds together.

8. Then all you have to do is to attach your rose to the turban and your urban turban is ready to be worn!

Lastly take a picture of yourself and admire how cool and talented you are. Yeah I did that, as you can see. Feeling very chic!


  1. Very Cute & "Chic!" Glad I found this. God's blessings to you!!

  2. So lovely, I ll try and make me oneūüĎĆūüĎĆ

  3. Very cute! I am about to lose my hair due to chemo. This hat will be perfect and attractive to wear. I have been trying to find hats that are chic looking and soft for the scalp. Thank you so much for the instructions! ������


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