Friday, 25 January 2013

Best thing is

Friends are an amazing source of strength and happiness. It's like free therapy. So after having my best friend over for 3 weeks I feel very content and happy. Where our lives were once very similar, we are now worlds apart. Literally we live on the opposite sides of the world, I am home with the kids when she has just graduated and become a busy doctor. Still when we get together it's like the time has been still for years. Nothing has changed. She's still her funny self and I'm still the not-so-with-it me. Loved having her and her husband over. Couldn't have had a better start to the year.

Picture is of us in Albany, Western Australia.


  1. Merja... mitä mä edes sanoisin... Tää on jo nyt liian vaikeeta ja surullista, kun piti teidät jättää. And then this!!! You're killing me softly girl.... :'( Kaikki mitä sanoit on niin totta! <3


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