Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dip your feet in the sea

If you ask me about Australia I'd say it's stinkin hot during summer and lovely every other season. It's dry and ugly right now and beautiful green every other season. Yes, if you ask me about Australia, I will tell you that summer is not my favorite season here. 

Then we went on a fishing trip to celebrate my darling husband's birthday and we found this spot:

Needless to say anything. We are obviously living in the wrong spot. 

And on our way there, this is the view we were looking at from our car:

Oh dear how breathtaking! So I will take some of my words back, Australia can be very stunning all year around. So dip your feet in the sea and enjoy the view!

 HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to each and everyone of you.


  1. Ooh näytti kuvat isompana kyllä vielä hienommilta! SIISTI PAIKKA! Ja hurmaavat tytöt! <3Suvi

  2. Aivan ihana paikka joo, ja arvaa, en oo yhtään muokannu kuvia, eli tuollaiselta näyttää! Tonne mennään seuraavaks ku tuutte tänne :)


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