Thursday, 2 August 2012

Swimming bag

Teddy bears riding on turtles, sharks swimming fast and friendly wales waving... All these things are found in our new swimming bag. 

It was another material find from an op shop. This one used to be a curtain, now it is our new swimming bag. We love swimming and go to the pool once a week. So we really needed an extra funky bag, I thought. It ended up being a bit too big, but I'm sure we'll need all that room after we get this next baby along.

Love our special times at the pool with my very talented swimming girl. Oh and to wrap things up, a song that we watch and dance to almost every day at the moment. It fits into the theme plus it's our favorite and so catchy.


  1. I just love the bag :) Siis ihana kangas!

    1. Kiitos! Oli kyllä hyvä kangaslöytö!


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