Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Little miss quilt

August means only one thing for me. It means birthday planning for our little girl and then the actual event in the end of the month. So that is what I have been up to for the last month. My friends say I go far and beyond over her birthdays, but I don't care. I really had fun this year planning Emma's party.

But I'm not going to share anything to do with this years party yet. No, first we have to go back to last years celebration! Do you remember what we did last year? We had a little miss theme that you can read more about HERE. And as I was thinking of ideas for this year, I realised that I haven't shown you guys the most exciting thing we did on her birthday last year. The quilt!

I wanted Emma to have some sort of memory of her first birthday and for some reason a quilt came into my mind. So I made these squares and printed different little miss characters on them. I made my own stencils and wrote the name of the character underneath the little miss. Then I took a few with me to Finland when we went for a visit in July 2011. That way my family and some friends got to also write a little message for Emma.

On the actual day all the guests got to write little something for her. Then it was pretty simple, I just sewed them together and finished the quilt. On the other side I just printed one row of little miss sunshines. This is my first ever quilt and I realised that binding is not my thing. Or I don't have any idea of how to do it. Next time I might look for some instructions. But hopefully after many years Emma will read these messages and feel the love out of them (and won't mind about the binding).

Above some of my favorite squares. Emma's aunty Suvi and uncle Lassi got super creative and made a song for her. Her grandpa in Finland made a nice poem for her and then her two cousins on different continents drew very nice pictures. Warms my heart when ever I see this quilt.


  1. Tää on kyllä niin mahtava lahja, että oon aivan varma, että Emma on superkiitollinen siitä vielä joku päivä! Ja onnistui loistavasti! Ei sun ompelutaidoissa ole mitään moitittavaa! Aunty Suvi

    1. Itse on vähän kriittiinen.. Mutta kyllä mäkin tykkään tästä aika kovin. Toivottavasti on kiva muisto.


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