Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Huffed and puffed

Our whole family is huffing and puffing.

Me for many reasons.. because I can't keep up with this little tornado, because I want things done my way (or it's the high way for the rest of the family) and because I am in pain at times and feel like I've run a marathon

Hubby, because he has to deal with my moods. No, I wanted the carrots cut differently! No, that's not how you cook sushi rise! No, I didn't want the egg in heart shape, I just wanted it normal and flat. I do feel for him and apologize after I've gotten over my issue. And he tries so hard, poor thing. 

Daugther, because she would want to do everything that is not allowed.

So we're going slow, taking each day as it comes, stay in our pj's until lunch time (that's for me and Em) and try to giggle and be happy as much as we can. Just being. No point stressing.


  1. Haleja Merja!
    mulla oli vähän samanlainen juttu Naimin syntymän jälkeen. Melkein kaikki mitä P teki oli mun mielestä jollain tavalla "väärin" tehty. Sitten mietin että miltä musta tuntuis jos P. koko ajan huomauttelis mulle ja sen jälkeen oon yrittäny pitää mölyt mahassani... :)
    eli et oo ainut ongelmines :)
    ( muistui tässä mieleeni runo, jonka armaani mulle kirjoitti kun oltiin seurusteltu 6kk. : "Life has many rules in love today. my way or the highway I hear people say. but what comes to me I only have one..... me or leave me that's me rule" )

    1. Kiitos Suvi! Joo multa pääsee suusta vaikka ja mitä, ja sitten kun tajuan, että olinpa tyly niin nöyränä yritän pyydellä anteeksi.


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