Friday, 17 August 2012

Disney nostalgia

I'm not too into any of this character stuff that is going around in the stores, but we do have couple of lovely little girls in our lives who love Minnie Mouse. The other one of them just turned 3 and I had to make something Minnie for her. And the other little girl will get her bag a bit later.

Truth is, I was only going to make one bag, but I wasn't happy with the first one, so I made another one. Works great as I now have one present made in advance, and that never happens. I also bought some books to put inside as I thought these bags would work great as library bags.

You can find the stencil HERE. I just drew the image on a clear sheet and cut it out with nail scissors. I made two different sizes.

Then on the morning of the birthday, I went to our local small op shop. Looking for something totally different, I came across with this old memory game. It was in such a good condition, had all the pieces, and lets face it, it just went so well with the bag, don't you agree! $2 later I was on my way home with a big victory smile on my face. I gave it a good clean and wrapped it. Oh I do have to admit that before wrapping, we did have a game with Emma. Oh the flow of nostalgia, all these images from my childhood. It ended up being a bit hard to let it go and give it away.


  1. So lovely bags!
    Have you tried Freezer paper stenciling? I just got to try the equivalent here in Finland and I love it :)

    1. Kiitos! Oon yrittnyt ettiä freezer paperiä täältä, mut en oo löytänyt! Se on kyllä ollut siis mielessä ja haluisin kokeilla kovasti!


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