Friday, 13 April 2012

Major culture difference issue

Oh how culture differences can get on my nerves sometimes. I got so annoyed that I even drew a graph to demonstrate my point. Yeah I drew, me who doesn't possess any skills in that area. Proves a point I think. (Mind the awful photos, my camera is still broken, just focus on the message)

So the problem is that here people just rock up at your door and come in to hang out. Now I know I'm a stay at home mum, but should that mean that I've got nothing to do. Some people maybe, but news flash: I do things even though I'm home.

And you might think that a perfect time to rock up is when the kiddo is asleep, second news flash: That's my time, time that I'm doing my own things, time when I work (aka sew, knit etc.), time when I can do things that I can't do when my child is awake. So do I want visitors on that time? No.

In Finland I would never ever have this problem. There my friends and family would call me first, maybe even a week before, to see when would be a good time to visit. And I do the same. That way everyone can adjust their life when they know in advance.

I'm not putting Australia down here, it's just the way they do things around here. I'm used to different way and I like my way. So I'm thinking of putting a sign on out door that says: "Don't come if you haven't called first." :)

Note, this same thing (just the other way around) annoyed my husband in Finland. "Why won't people just rock up, why do they have to call before, that's just stupid", he'd say. So it's just what we are used to I suppose.


  1. Mä niin ymmärrän sua.
    Mutta muuttuu se elämä Suomessakin lasten kasvun myötä. Harva se ilta joku pimpottamassa ovikelloa ja tunkemassa sisään juuri silloin kun ajattelin istua rauhassa vanhassa t-paidassa ja pikkareissa olkkarin sohvalla.

    1. Haha, voi sua. Joo ja eiköhän se näin ollut joskus suomessakin, ennen matkapuhelinten keksintöä, että kylään lampsittiin millon sattu. Jotain hyvää se teknologiakin on tuonut, voi soittaa etukäteen. Käyttäkää tätä etua ihmiset! :)

  2. I'm Australian and I usually prefer it when people call first, too. We tend not to get drop-ins here during the week though, and I don't mind as much on the weekend.


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