Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Journal covers

One lovely lady went to the shop (Victoria's place) and ordered some journal covers. She said: "a pink one, a purple one and a yellow one thank you." So Victoria came to me and asked me to make them. Ta da here they are:

I made a couple of different options and I fell in love with the first purple one. I think I might have to make myself one of that kind.

As I was making these I was thinking to myself, my oh my how easy are these. Why would you order these when you could so easily make them yourself. Now I don't mind making these and getting money in return but I did think that maybe all you sewers would like super easy and simple tutorial on how to make these. To make for gifts or for yourself. You could make it for your journal or your calendar or to fancy up your notebook.

What say ye?


  1. Oh yes please, yes please!!! The fabrics are divine.

  2. I love journal covers (and have been meaning to try sewing some for ages), and the fabrics you have used are so pretty!

  3. Beautiful! Great colours and fabric!

  4. Of course! Always love a good tutorial and these look just lovely :) Lisa xx

  5. Thanks all you lovelies! Yeah you can do a lot with nice material. I shall try to put a tutorial together.


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