Tuesday, 3 April 2012


We were invited to a birthday party on the weekend and this is what the little girl got as a present from us. And then my camera started to play up so I couldn't get good photos. But the main thing is that the birthday girl loved them and now I've been ordered some more after her mum posted some photos on facebook. Awesome!

I made my husband go to a textile shop to get me more material, because we live in a too small town to get anything like that. Apparently he felt like a fish out of water and got strange looks. What a good man I have, thanks sweetie!


  1. Hienoja! Millä kiinnitit nuo kuviot pinneihin?

    1. Kuumaliimalla. Ne toki irtoaa jos lapsi oikeesti vetää niistä, muuten meillä on ainakin pysynyt hyvin kiinni aikaisemmat pinnit. Yksi on siis irronnu, kun neitokainen repi.

  2. These are terrific! No wonder she loved them so much. x

  3. These are gorgeous and very clever. And hubby they're pretty special when they do things like go into fabric stores for us aren't they:)


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