Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Emma's first Christmas so of course Santa came to visit her. And she was reaching out for the presents! So adorable. And guess what was her Christmas present for mummy and daddy!! Rolling on her stomach! She's such a cutie don't you agree.

It was a lovely Christmas here at home where I'm from. My dad has saved every christmas ornament and decoration that we kids have made. And so it's become a tradition that every christmas we put them out on display. Then we can laugh at them during the christmas and hear dad telling all the stories he remembers from them. It makes you feel actually quite special and hopefully I can save many things that Emma is going to make later on.

On the picture above, the first one (on the left) is made by my brother, the middle one I have made (yeah you can see that I was quite the artist then) and my granmum has made the last one (on the right). I absolutely love how we've all done different elves and how after many years they are in a row next to each other.

I hope you all had a merry Christmas.

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