Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas cards, the ones Emma made with me

I love things that kids make (unless if they are made out of macaroni and it's not eatable) so now that I have my own, I obviously want to involve her in as many things as possible. So this years Christmas cards look like this. Emma liked when I painted her foot and I liked making trees out of them. Then my husband was so effective (too effective) and put almost all of them into their envelopes before I got to take a picture. I was left with only the dodgiest ones but oh well such is life. You get the point anyway.

I am so horribly busy with my masters thesis in uni at the moment that I feel like crying. I have hardly any time for anything else. So of course we were almost too late to send these cards (yes today was the last day) but they are on their way. I also made some more artistic ones (if you can call them that) and they are found here.

10 days till Christmas. Are you ready? I know I'm not, so better get started.

P.s. go and check this blog out (if you haven't already). She makes everything with her kids. Love it!

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