Saturday, 13 July 2013

I spy with my little eyes

So that all the posts won't be about our trip to Finland, here's a quick project I did just before we left. I wanted to get a few new toys/books for the kids for the long flights so that the travelling could go as smoothly as possible. I had already bought a few colouring books and sticker books, but I didn't have toys as such. Then one time I found these poly pellets (the white stuff inside) in Salvo's for $0.99 and knew I had to make an I spy bag.

I found all these little toys from around the house, and well there's really not that many toys there. Plastic animals, buttons, beads, eyes, ribbons etc. Just use your imagination if you want to make one. I wish I would have had time to find a few more little things from somewhere, but this was all I could find at home.

It's a great little toy to keep your little ones occupied for a little while and so simple to make too.

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  1. Loistava idea!!! Pitääkin muistaa tämä... ;)


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