Wednesday, 31 July 2013

About trust

We were at a friend's summer cottage last weekend, so relaxing. Not a single thing that we had to do, not a single place we had to hurry to get to. We were able to just relax. A little bit of sailing and sunny skies, oh it was so peaceful to be in the nature. I was able to do a bit of good old pondering and I'm just going to share some of it.

Even though the wind was very strong, Emma got to go on the boat as well. She was so excited, but we couldn't find any life jackets at the cottage. Jeremy said he'd just row close to the shore and not go very far. Yet there I was standing on the jetty, fearing for her sake. I was so scared every time the wind picked up even though they were right there in front of me.

All this got me thinking of trust. Oh how much trust she had for her father. She wasn't scared at all, she trusted that he would keep her safe. In fact she kept waving to me and shouting "See you soon mummy, see you soon". I tried to keep a happy face for her even though on the inside I was afraid that something would go wrong. Her trust never failed, even though the wind was rough, she never got scared.

Her strong trust got me thinking about the trust we should have for our Heavenly Father. That kind of childlike trust is what we need to have for Him. Sometimes over lives can be very stormy and we might wonder why these things happen to us. We might get scared and at times and think that He's forgotten us. But at those times we might only see the smaller picture when He can see the bigger one and know what's best for us, or what we need at different times. All we need to do is show faith and complete trust in Him just like Emma trusted her father.

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