Monday, 15 July 2013

Hug attack aka our trip to the Moomin World

Ok people, yesterday was the best day of our holiday so far. We went to the Moomin World. Those of you who don't know who Moomins are, well you soon will. They are very lovable creatures who live in the Moominvalley. They live their lives by being kind to one another and having adventures together. Their house is a big blue one (above) and guests are always welcome.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but Emma went absolutely crazy with love for this place and most of all for Moomins. Watch out, here comes the hug attack!

This is Moomintroll, main character. He loves to play with his friends and explore the Moominvalley.

Here's Moominmamma and Moominpappa. Moominmamma is a great cook and never gets angry with anything, she's always happy to have visitors in their home. Moominpappa spends his time writing his memoirs and dreaming of big adventures. He always has his hat on just like Moominmamma always has her apron and handbag.

This is Snorkmaiden and her brother Snork. Snorkmaiden and Moomintroll love spending time together and Snork her brother is very talented in building things and inventing things.
Little My (on the left) is probably Emma's favorite characters. She lives with the Moomins and is rather wild at times. She says what she thinks and isn't afraid of anything. Sniff on the other hand is scared of many things, but he loves treasures and money.
This is Stinky, he's always up to something naughty and was totally taken off guard when Emma gave him a big hug.
The Hemulen (on the left) collects flowers and butterflies, you can always find him at the fields trying to find new species. The witch (on the right) can be a bit scary, but Emma wasn't scared at all and gave her a big hug. She complemented her in being so brave.

The one on top is Too-Ticky and they made a bracelet together with Emma. She was allowed to choose the colours and then keep it on her wrist when it was finished. Then when she saw Snufkin and showed her bracelet, they realised that they both had chosen the same colours for their bracelets, special moment that there. Snufkin is Moomintroll's best friend and he leaves every Autumn to hike somewhere warm and comes back on the first day of Spring.

There you go, you're a little wiser now that you know about the Moomins. If you're ever in Finland and have small kids, I highly recommend this place. It's on a small island and feels so magical. There were a lot of families there, but it didn't seem to bother Emma at all.

Friendly dragon in the water. I can't remember his name, Edward maybe.
Girls in the prison where the policeman takes Stinky quite often.
Pretty views from the other end of the island.
Thanks for the great day and a good chat Moomintroll! We forever love you.


  1. En kestä kuin sulonen asukin Emmalla on! Mulla on ikävä teitä jo nyt, vaikka tänään just nähtiin!!!

  2. Looks like you are having so much fun in there! If you happen to have some extra hours, there is a challenge waiting for you in my blog :)

  3. Emma on kyllä niin hauska tyttö!!! <3Suvi


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