Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Spring Festival hulabaloo

Hey ya'll! I haven't been posting much lately, not because I would have been relaxing with our little prince, but because I've been busy busy sewing. Couple of weeks ago I tossed an idea to my mum of going to the Narrogin Spring Festival. She loved the idea and that was the start of two weeks of madness in our house.

For two weeks all the tables in this house were covered in fabric. I don't know where we ate.. Did we eat at all? No recollection on that one. We lost 3 pairs of scissors in that madness and had to buy one new pair (two of the scissors have since been found again). We got a new, though second hand, sewing machine to help us out so we could both be sewing at the same time (thank you hubby for that). We started as soon as we woke up and didn't finish until our eyes were closing in on us. We sew without thread (so tired), sang kids songs and had a blast.

 The day was amazing! So many friendly faces and so many lovely comments and of course some sales too. We had reversible dresses, reversible hats (for girls and boys), reversible headbands, nappy wallets, travel drawing kits, animal masks, bags, shorts for boys, dresses for girls, hair clips.

Most of the products were made (at least partly) from recycled materials, old curtains, sheets and such. Very nice I say.

My favorites were the animal masks and the boys pants that have the funky pockets. Gotta keep couple of them for Noah I think. People loved the reversable hats and the travel drawing kits as I sold most of them. Also the animal masks and the dresses got a lot of attention during the day.

Noah was hanging out with me all day and did so well. Many people were asking if I'm on facebook, so as of yesterday, you can see a button on the right collumn of this blog. Click that and you find me on facebook! Yay!

Thanks mum for going insane with me over the two last weeks and for helping me out. You are the best!


  1. I will look through your blog with time to explore it all, but thank you for dropping me a message so I could find my way to here! Looks so interesting and exotic, wow!

    1. Kiitän kumarran, itselläs on aivan valloittava blogi, mutta toivottavasti viihdyt täälläkin.

  2. What?! With a newborn and everything. I feel like such a looser. ;) Everything looks great! We miss you Merja...

    1. Ha! Joo oli kyllä vähän huono omatunto, kun lasten kanssa ei tullut juuri vietettyä aikaa, mutta nyt yritän parannella tuota ja makailen sängyllä vauvan kanssa ja leikin piiri pieni pyöriitä isosiskon kanssa. :) Mullakin on ikävä sinne!


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