Monday, 29 October 2012


WHOA, it is already ONE month from THIS! Time has gone so fast and I've been busy (you'll see soon) and this precious little man is already one month old. I got a new camera, yay! (I'll tell you about that later too), but because of that I've been practising taking some photos, all of him of course. And you might want to know the name too so bare with me.

Black and white mode, and an awesome lens that makes everything clear at the front and blurry at the back, and one clever little boy that can already hold his head up.

Oh this boy has stolen my heart.

 I took maybe a thousand pictures of him, he is so very photographable! He has been so good, sleeping during the night and crying during the day, just the way I can handle it. And the name is still missing, well here it is:

Presenting, Noah Hayden Priest.


  1. ihana <3
    voi kun olisitte täällä...
    Onnea Noahille.
    Hieno nimi!!!

    1. Niinpä, voi kun olisimme siellä. Kiitos!

  2. OIH! Hän on kyllä niin ybersöpö, että pois alta, alkaa ihan itkettää! Ihanaa nähdä teitä pian!!!!! Välillä aina muistan sen ja tulee NIIN iloinen olo! <3 Aunty Suvi

  3. Onnea suloiselle pojalle ihanasta nimestä <3 -Johku


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