Monday, 12 March 2012

Week of hats - bonnet

Let's have a week of hats shall we. Why? Well I will tell you very soon. But for know all I can say is that I've been making a few different hats. First of a bonnet. I put ric rac at the edge and I think it just made it extra cute. I like the look of this bonnet since it's not the traditional type of hat that kids wear. What do you think of it?

I've shared previously ideas how to get good pictures of your toddler who just doesn't want to be still, here and here. This time I gave her a big basket to play with and just went with that. She was carrying it around the yard proudly, putting rocks and other treasures in there. Then she thought the smartest thing: "what if I would go in there myself." Oh the fun one basket can give you. 


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  2. Kaunis hattu ja reunanauha on kuin piste ii:n päällä.
    Kiva kuvasarja

    1. Kiitos, joo muut kuvat ei oikeen onnistuneet :)


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