Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Week of hats - bluebell

Oh I adore this beanie. I call it bluebell, because it reminds me of the flower. I miss wild flowers, they are my favorite. And inspired by wild flowers, I want to make all different wild flower beanies. This is the first one. I used cotton so it's very comfortable and not too hot even during the summer. I'm just in awe, I like it so much.

This time I used blocks to keep her entertained. As you can see, it worked pretty well. You stack them, you make them fall, you look at the images on them and so on. Blocks are pretty amazing and entertaining for a toddler.

I'm glad I took these pictures when I did, because she wore this dress last Sunday and somehow managed to draw on herself with a black marker pen without anyone noticing. Yeah it's pretty much ruined, because it didn't come off in the wash. Now I'm thinking of buying black dye and making it into a black dress. Hmm.. We'll see.

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