Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Victoria's Place

I have been complaining how there's not that many people here who make handmade stuff. Well let me introduce a new, totally awesome, shop in town; Victoria's Place.

Victoria is an amazing lady who's turned this house into an absolutely wonderful little shop, full of handmade things. She is supporting minority groups by selling the produce made by individuals, not by big corporations. Isn't it just a wonderful idea. She also has one big room for joga, that I'm planning on doing this Saturday at 6.30am.. We'll see if I can get myself up for that.

She's got clothes, shoes, jewellery, toys, nappies, books. It is just purely amazing place. And the best part is,
there is a little spot that looks like this:

Yeah, that's right! It's my hats and beanies!!! Wow I am so excited and in awe that she wanted some of my things, that I've made with my little fingers, to be sold in her shop. And there is more to come. I am just so stocked! Happy happy happy.


  1. EIKÄ!!!! Aivan superia! Oon niin ylpeä susta! <3Suvi

  2. That's fantastic!! Keep us updated with how it goes. xx

  3. Hurmaava kauppa! Paljon onnea!

  4. Aivan ihanan söpö kauppa, pinkit seinät ja kaikki! Hienoa, että bisnes kukoistaa :) Tulee tosta tyylistä vähän mieleen toi Joutomaa-puoti mikä on tässä meidän vieressä -you know? Sopisit sinnekin kuin nenä päähän :D

  5. Ihan huikeeta!! Paljon onnea :) -Johku

  6. Jee, kiitos kaikki ihanaiset. Nyt oon ihan työntouhussa kaiket päivät!


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