Tuesday, 12 April 2011

We love oranges and good books

I have to learn to think outside the box. All this time that we've been in Australia, I've been thinking how it would be great to spend time with Emma outside, but since we don't have grass anywhere at the moment I've thought it to be impossible. Today it hit me. We've got a bit of a veranda (if you want to call that, more like an area where you walk to get in) at the back.. Well it fits our blanket just nicely and us on that.

We had a wonderful morning outside eating oranges (which Emma LOVES at the moment) and reading books and of course standing. These are the first pictures I've got where Emma sits on her own. She usually never wants to sit. I've thought that maybe she doesn't know how to sit yet but that's not true. She was sitting so nicely today as long as there were oranges coming at a constant speed, but as soon as all the pieces were eaten, she was on the move and the direction was up. So in conclusion: she knows how to sit but she prefers moving all the time and trying to get up up up. I think the pictures prove that. (And I so didn't plan on taking any photos when I put that plane shirt with light blue on her. But yes we did think we were having a boy and because daddy likes planes she has some of these rather boyish plane clothes. Oh well I'm not that fussy with these things.)


  1. Hah, niin mainio ilme Emmalla tossa ylimmässä kuvassa! Sehän osaa jo kohottaa toista kulmakarvaakin :)

  2. Niinosaa.Huomasinsentanaanitsekin.(tyhmakone,valieitoimi)


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