Tuesday, 5 April 2011


...as someone might say in Finnish. We are settling in and getting a daily routine. I just wanted to come and quickly say hi. So HI!

I love the heat and being warm (though it's starting to get a bit chilly during the nights), but I can't help but miss the winter a little bit when I found these photos on my computer:

Yeah I know that all my friends and family will now go "WHAT" and let me explain to the rest of you. I'm not a winter person. I don't like snow, I don't like being cold. And that's why it was pretty easy time for me to leave the country since it was -28 degrees that morning that we left. But human mind is pretty clever, see I have already forgotten what it feels like to be freezing and no matter how much you wear, you're still cold. So when I look at these pictures it looks so peaceful and nice, almost as if "I'd like to be there".

So there you have it, I admit it, I like snow in pictures and when I'm far away from it. But I feel for those in Finland who are constantly wishing that spring would come already. It's coming! I saw on mtv3.fi that it's coming very soon. So hang in there or come around here.

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  1. On noi ihan kivoja kuvia, mutta kyllä me täällä ollaan onnellisia, että lumi on jo paikoittain kokonaan sulanut! Ja eilen paistoi ihanasti aurinko, oli todella keväinen olo. La ostin heräteostoksena ihanat kiilapohjaballeriinat, koska talvisaappaat oli liian kuumat, kun oli sen verran lämmin. Kyllä mekin siis ehkä kesä tänne joskus saadaan! Mutta ymmärrän, että sitä alkaa heti kaivata sitä mitä ei ole :) We miss you!


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