Friday, 12 November 2010

Some nights...

...are not as good as others. Last night was one of those nights when Emma didn't agree with mummy and daddy about the time to go to bed. Or then she just prefered dad over the bed. Even though the days are getting darker earlier and our family is not too happy about that, I still love the mood that having only one light on creates in our little appartment. I think this picture shows that mood very well; everything is quiet (for a moment), one light on in the dark evening and one dad going up and down trying to make one little girl to go to sleep.

I also thought that this photo is good for this weeks photo challenge which was to capture movement. I've been trying to get those type of photos all week but my camera hasn't really been co-operating. So I think this is the best I got.

Then I told them to stop moving and look at the camera. 

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