Monday, 15 November 2010

"I love my dad" - Emma 2,5 months

I'm sure that is what she would say if she could talk. She's such a dad fan, adores him really. Everytime she sees him she gets a big smile on her face. With me she sometimes thinks for a while before smiling but with dad it's a smile straight away. So of course we had to make a present for dad with her. It wasn't the easiest job but if you want to see it go and check it here (yes you can see it in the picture top but there's also the awesome card that we made for him in the other place).

We have this tradition (or we are trying to make it a tradition) that everytime it's someone's birthday or nameday or some other special day like the Fathers day today that we make breakfast in bed. This tradition has originated from my friend Suvi's family who've done it for centuries (thank you Suvi for making it my tradition too). The breakfast is not just any type of breakfast; you put things on bread that you normally might not or then you make them somehow else funky. Should have taken a picture to explain, maybe next time. Do you have any traditions for Fathers day for example? Or any other traditions to that matter?


  1. Emma on kasvanu tosi paljon! niin liikkis pieni enkeli <3
    (jos Emma fanittaa iskä, niin tiedän että iskäkin fanittaa Emmaa eiks niin?)

  2. Joo on iskäkin aika kova Emma-fani. :)

  3. Hih oleppa hyvä vaan traditiosta! Olen kovin otettu, että olette ottaneet sen käyttöön! Ja en kestä... Emma on niin ihana ja hauska, kun hymyilee ja nauraa jo noin paljon!!! Koska saan taas nähdä hänet?!?!?


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