Monday, 5 November 2012

Old McDonald had a farm

Grandmas are the the best. They seem to have endless amount of energy to play (and to clean and to cook). I am so greatful for having my mum around. Emma absolutely adores her and it is going to be so hard to let her fly back to Finland. I will actually have to start wasing the dishes again and doing laundry and mopping the floors and still play with this one cheaky monkey. She's set the bar a bit too high for me to reach, I know I will fall short.

But I know I can continue this game of Old McDonald's farm with her. It's an absolute must and I think I need to make a few more of these animal masks as she also likes to be a trukey and a donkey and a goose. It seems to me that all the not so usual animals intrest her.

Thanks mummi for playing with us, you have been such a great help!

Oh and because people have been so interested in these since the spring festival, I thought I'd keep selling them. Prices are on my facebook page. And thank you all for all the lovely comments that you've left on my blog, they brighten up my day so much!

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