Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Melbourne cup // with kids

Last year when someone told me Melbourne cup was on, I thought they were speaking a different language as none of that made any sense to me. This year I'm smarter, I know it's got something to do with horses and fancy dressing. FANCY DRESSING! Yes, I'm all over that. Any reason to have a party is a good reason for me.

My awesome friend organized a lunch (and why did I not take a photo of the amazing cake she made, it had horses on it, dang it.). She invited bunch of us stay-at-home mums over and had a great idea that the kids could do some crafting. Melbourne cup is all about fancy hats and hair pieces, though yes mainly it's about the horses. But I'm more into the hair things. So kids did their own hair accessories. This one is Emma's creation.

And check out the mess they were able to make:

Thanks again Linda for having us over! It was so worth vacuuming the night before, wasn't it. :)

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