Thursday, 16 February 2012

When peek-a-boo doesn't work

It was all suppose to be about this owl shirt that I made for Emma. She loves owls at the moment. She points to them in the books, and makes an owl sound. In TV her favorite show is Giggle and Hoot (Hoot is an owl) and she has one owl toy that plays lullubies when you pul it's tail. So I made her a t-shirt and painted an owl on it.

Then I wanted to take some pictures of her with the t-shirt. Remember how last time I told you I used peek-a-boo to get some really good shots. Well it didn't work this time, because this time when ever I said peek-a-boo, she started to run towards me. Hence all the pictures looked like this:

Then I realised that she knows how to smile when I ask her to. So I put her against the wall and told her to smile for me, and this is what I got:

Yeah they are rather shaky because I was cracking up myself so much for her smiles. Oh dear.

For those who I told last time to try peek-a-boo, because it works like magic, I guess this proves that no it doesn't work every time. So in the end I ended up just taking pictures of the shirt on it's own, that worked pretty well for me.


  1. Vitsi mikä pepsodent hymy, Emma ei petä :)

  2. <3 voi mikä ihana hassusöpönassu! ja ihana äiti kun teki tommosen hienon paidankin.

  3. Kiits tytsit, Emma naurattaa hymyllään kyllä kaikkia ympärillään. :)


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