Friday, 13 January 2012

Worth it

Almost everyone, who know's that my husband is going to be a cop, has asked me if I'm scared or worried or what do I think about it. Well to answer you all, I couldn't be more proud of him and I am so happy for him. Sure I might have had a worrying thought, but it only lasted a second. Turns out it is so easy to support someone when they are determined and happy with themselves. My husband is really living the dream (not my words, but his). He worked so hard to get in the police academy and now he's studying so hard to be a good cop. He's loving every moment.

This weeks get inspired challenge was to use a page from last years calender. I used the page where my hubby had written all the details of his entrance exams and evalutations. The picture is taken on his first day, just after he was sworn in. Emma gave big cuddles for daddy.

Tämän viikon get inspired haasteessa piti käyttää viime vuoden kalenterista sivua tms. Mieheni viime vuonna hajoitteli ankarasti päästäkseen poliisikouluun, joten sivu on niistä päivistä, jolloin hänellä oli nuo kaikki kokeet, haastattelut ja arvioinnit. Kuva on otettu hänen ensimmäisenä koulu/työpäivänä, kun hänestä tuli poliisi. On niin helppo olla ylpeä ja tukea toista, kun toinen on niin innoissaan ja nauttii joka hetkestä.


  1. Kaunis sivu ja kirjoitat niin kauniisti miehesi unelmasta ja sen toteutumisen seuraamisesta.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to your hubby........well done on following and achieving his dream.
    It's wonderful to hear about people who are doing what they love.
    I'm sure you are a great support for him Merja.......

    I wish him well for his future career...

    Claire :}

  3. Hieno idea ja sivu! <3Suvi


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