Monday, 16 January 2012

Happy, sad, angry, laughing, crying...

Children get angry and sad very quickly. But then they get happy and laugh as quickly too. I think parents need to be teaching their children emotions. That it's ok to feel angry or sad, and how to act when we get those feelings. How do you practice different emotions with children? There are many different ways, but here is one idea that I did with my friends kids.

Use paint to get your fingerprints on paper, let it dry and then just start drawing. First we drew different emotions and then we started drawing different characters and funny people. It's amazing how much children can do. Then they started to look at the colours and thinking what sort of person is a red one and what about a blue one. Children have so much potential, and learning can be fun if we only make it and let it be fun.

Hope you all had a good weekend. I know I sure did.


  1. And why were you so happy this weekend???

    1. Darling I know it's you, so don't you try to trick me, besides you know why. :)


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