Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Beanie - bepo, same thing

When my little baby was very very tiny spot in my belly my sister in law asked what we were calling her. She was pregnant at the time also and they were calling the baby in the belly "beanie". We didn't really call the little one inside me with anything at the time so she asked what beanie is in Finnish. "Pipo" we said (note: we said it, so she didn't have clue how it was written). A while later, actually on new years eve we got a message: "Happy New Years to you guys and Bepo! xxx Tom, Shell and Beanie." And since then we called her bepo. 

So why did I tell you that story? Because I just remembered it and because my little bepo is 10 months and I had forgotten bepo for a while and I want to bring it back and call her that again. And also I've been making her some bepos or beanies, which ever one you prefer. So here they are (two beanies are missing from the pictures, because one I've given away and one is for a bigger girl so way too big for my Bepo):

It was a beautiful day so we went to the closest park to have some fun and take pictures. Bepo loved the slide but even more fun was eating sand and then grass and then the beanies.

The instructions for the pink beanie and white beanie are here and here (though I modified and made my own way a bit). Brown one I made up myself.


  1. Onpa hienoja!

  2. Aivan ihastuttava tyttö, coolit vaatteet ja sairaan hienot pipot! Ihanaa, että saan nähdä pienen kaunottaren pian!


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